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Building Next Gen Crypto Games

Multiple P2E Games, a full nft ecosystem, cross-chain abilities, one utility currency
An Ever-Expanding Metaverse

Wolves of Rome TCG (Beta)

Digital Trading Card Game
In the ancient setting of the roman ages...

Face off against barbaric giants, ferocious werewolves, scheming vampires, resurrected gods, undead pharaohs and horrors from beyond...or join them, if you dare!

⬡ Mobile & PC, P2E Game
⬡ Unique NFT Cards & Artwork
⬡ High Fantasy Mood, Story &  Music
⬡ Intense & Rewarding PVP/PVE Battles

Midnight Force (Q3 2022)

Imagine Blade Runner meets conspiracy theories

A classic cyberpunk game set in a not so distant dystopian future, where you and your crew of rebel outcasts have to uncover
the secret workings of the cabal, evil mega corporations, the alien military industrial complex, the Vatican… and kill as many lizards as possible

2.5D pixel action shooter

Art Of The Steal (2023)

OCEANS11 meets Rainbow Six siege!

A highly competitive tactical hero shooter meets heists of the century.

Teams battle for incredible high price rewards. Guy Ritchie characters add to the art flavoured scenario and settings.

3D Tactical Hero FPS


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Filip Bakija
Alex Lacher
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